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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 5:00, disney
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the plan to spread out the crowds, in minutes. >> lisa: but breaking details on a murder mystery outside a clermont publix. but breaking news in volusia county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire right now, happening near highlander avenue and brooks circle, just off u.s. 1 in oak hill. news 6 photojournalist dave sprung joins us live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: when i first got the call, i was told this is a half acre. it's more than a half acre now. this looks like the area has started in. hard to pinpoint. in the middle of the flames you'll see a house and a barn. you can barely see the barn right here. there's a water truck on the property in case the fire encroaches the homes and there's another farm right here and there's a fire truck, brush truck waiting on hand in case the fire spreads more to the west. the fire is traveling to the north, which is good and bad news. the good news, not as much foliage as to the west or east of this area.
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see, there are homes in the area or in the path of this fire. we're going to stay on top of it to see exactly how they contain this fire and the more information we get, we'll pass that on to you. >> lisa: you were covering another brushfire in volusia county last week. we will continue to stay on top of this. hopefully they'll get it out and under control quickly. thank you, dave. now to a local family's plea for answers, weeks after a man was shot and killed outside a publix. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> matt: i'm matt austin. at 4:00, we told you police found the victim's car burned in the woods. now we're hearing a 911 call from the witness at the scene. you may remember 21-year-old andrew devon jones was shot and killed outside publix along state road 50 earlier this month. news 6 reporter troy campbell has been following the story for us and joins us now live. i know you've listened to the 911 call. what have we learned from this? >> reporter: well, yeah, in fact on the call you can hear a
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vehicle, speeding away from the scene. of course, that call placed to dispatchers just moments after that man was shot here outside this publix back on february 5th. >> i'm at the publix at 455 and i think i just saw a kid get shot. he's laying here in the middle of the road and he's bleeding. >> reporter: a call place to do police, moments after 21-year-old andrew devon jones was fatally shot once in the torso, just before 9:00 p.m. on friday, february 5th. >> the kid is laying on the ground out here bleeding. it looks like he got shot. >> reporter: clermont police won't say if jones was entering or leaving the store or if he was shot inside his mother's 2012 sedan. the car was found sunday evening, severely burned. investigators are hoping evidence can be recovered as they narrow in on a suspect. clermont's police chief said whoever pulled the trigger most likely knew the victim. >> is he awake? >> he's moving a little bit but
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>> is there anybody else around him? >> there's probably six people standing around here. >> julie: >> reporter: jones' father, stephen, is hoping people come forward with answers. >> put yourself in my shoes. how can you feel? we have a lot of friends who are coming to us, family members, friends. >> reporter: and police also say they have obtained surveillance video from several area businesses near this publix. they hope that can help them narrow down a suspect. anyone with information is asked to call the crime line. live in clermont, troy campbell, news 6. >> matt: thank you, troy. we've learned of five new confirmed cases of the zika virus in florida. one involves a pregnant woman. we first let you know about this through a push alert on our news 6 mobile app this afternoon. there are now 42 reported zika cases statewide with four
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they stretch across at least 11 counties. state leaders are not saying where the four pregnant cases are located. so far, all florida cases are travel-related we're still told. you can find more on zika, including travel notices, symptoms and treatment on our website. just head to, powered by news 6. in just four days, prices at disney's magic kingdom is going up. >> lisa: they're going to charge more during busier times of the year. it's the first time any central florida theme park has done it. but is it too much? erik von ancken is live at disney world tonight. what are visitors telling you? >> reporter: disney knows there's a hard core group of people that will always come, no matter what. but some folks are starting to tell us they may not and they say this latest hike is starting
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>> it was snowing when we left the airport. >> reporter: the family was excited to leave ohio and come to disney world. >> it's too much money for one day. there's a lot of people and lines. >> reporter: disney's plans is to make the lines shorter and spread out the crowds throughout the year, switching over to surge pricing, charging $124 a day at the magic kingdom when there's a surge of people, like over the summer, spring break, the holidays, peak periods. the problem for families is when the children are out of school, during the peak periods when it's easiest to come and most expensive. is $124 going to scare you away? >> for one day? yes. i could spend $124 here in five other places.
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spot which charges a third of magic kingdom's peak prices. disney says for the value conscious, there's a value season, late august and all of september where prices at the magic kingdom stay the same as they are now, $105. and then there's regular season, which is in between value and in between peak. regulars in april will cost you $110 for a one-day ticket to the magic kingdom? is there more behind this seasonal pricing and what does this mean for the rest of central florida? i'm working on getting the answers for you when i see you again coming up at 6:00 and 7:00. >> lisa: we have you covered on all the latest happenings at central florida theme parks on our theme world blog. just head to parks >> matt: just in to the newsroom
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girl scout troop. this happened yesterday at wal-mart in deltona. deputies say the man in the pic on the left there grabbed a box of cash from a 12-year-old girl. he then took off in a gray hyundai santa fe. you can see it there on the right. a woman and a child were also with them. you can see them in the middle there. so if you know where these people are, call the sheriff's office. >> lisa: right now, an escaped inmate from volusia county and his girlfriend are in jail without bond. this comes weeks after they were tracked down and arrested in kentucky. gary bullock, jr. and natasha quigley were brought back to volusia county over the weekend. the pair, along with quigley's 3-year-old son, were found on february 12th. that was weeks after police say bullock cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet and walked away from his job in daytona beach. both are now facing new charges. the toddler, who was with them at the time, is now in the care of family members. >> matt: new details tonight on the woman accused of hitting and
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the man's family is demanding answers. investigators say that suspect shouldn't have been driving in the first place. the sheriff's office says the deputy tried to stop the woman for speeding early sunday when she hit a car driven by a 23-year-old man who died at the scene. records show her license was revoked after running from police back in november. she's also been cited for careless driving and a d.u.i., all in the past 10 years. the young man's family says he was a young dad, taken way too soon. >> he was only 23 and he was telling me all his goals. he was going to have a house for him and his daughter, that she deserved it. and now he'll never get to do all that. she'll never get to see her dad again. >> matt: the woman is charged while driving while her licensed was revoked during a vehicular homicide. she's in jail without bond. >> lisa: a chase helicopter helped orange county deputies
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turns out he was hiding in a tree. here's the video for you. the sheriff's office posted this video to its facebook page. it happened earlier this month near 23rd street and paramour avenue. the suspect was wanted for breaking into cars. the pilot helped deputies keep up with them. they were able to arrest him a short time later. the sheriff's office credits strong teamwork for the arrest. >> matt: that's a good eye from the sky. in case you missed it, news 6 and the orlando solar bears team up this weekend to help put an end to homelessness. >> lisa: it was viewers just like you who helped us get results during saturday's solar bears game during news 6. we raised close to $10,000. the solar bears donated $1 for every social media post with the #rethink homelessness. it's all part of the push to get the homeless into permanent housing. super tuesday is just a day away. some are looking ahead to florida's presidential primary. >> matt: next at 5:00, who one
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to see in the white house and why. >> tom: look at the radar tonight, gang. we have no rain coming in. the big story is the warmth tomorrow and the patchy fog. i'll be back to pinpoint all of that, straight ahead. >> reporter: i'm kirstin o'connor. we're live where pafrnlts say they're getting results in a battle over unsafe bus stops. coming up, hear where the kids
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>> matt: we're staying on top of breaking news in volusia county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire. this is some of the best shot here we've seen of the actual flames. those are pretty big. sky 6 live over this. this is happening near highlander avenue and brooks circle off u.s. 1 in oak hill. you can see all the smoke in the area here. fire/rescue tells us this thing is moving pretty quickly. you see all that smoke. there are some houses and some structures in the area pretty close to these flames. we're going to follow up on this and keep tabs on it and bring you updates as they come in, on news 6. you can see how big the flames are.
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outrage in an orange county neighborhood. we first showed you this earlier in the month. drivers illegally passing stopped school buses, putting kids in some pretty serious danger. tonight news 6 is getting results. there's a new bus stop for those kids. it's letting a lot of parents sleep easier tonight. >> this all started when a mom decided to shoot cell phone including the one you just saw of cars illegally driving around the bus. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor is live at the new bus stop in the metro west area. you spoke with the mom today. i imagine she's happy with this change. >> reporter: she's very happy. it's a pretty simple change. she admits herself, just moving that bus stop from one side of the street to right over here next to us. she tells us, it's the results she needed to see after recording way too many close calls. her videos caught cars on camera, nearly hitting kids on their way to school. >> i've been taking the videos
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it's been an ongoing thing. >> reporter: it was one video that made this mom take action. >> the other day when i contacted news 6, that's when -- that's when they got really close to my daughter and i was just fed up. >> reporter: 24 hours later we watched as orlando police came out to the corner, handing out tickets to drivers running the stop sign. the buses come right at 8:55, when many drivers are late for work. so people come out of here and kids are crossing. it's just not very safe. >> reporter: not hard to see, even during our 10-minute conversation with angie, we almost witnessed a crash. but now, her daughter's middle school is moving the stop to a safer spot across the street from the busy intersection. and in just about a week -- >> it's dramatically changed. >> reporter: giving angie hope the high school and elementary still topping on the same corner will make the same change. >> i've contacted the police,
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but, you know, i was able to finally get results with you. >> reporter: we've also been talking to orlando police and the school district, e-mailing them and calling them today. neither one were available for comment but coming up in the story we're putting together for 6:00, hear what they say it takes to make a change like this, moving the bus stop. that's what we're putting together for you in that story. for now, reporting and getting results in orlando, kirstin o'connor. >> lisa: thank you. we're just a day away from the biggest day yet in the race for the white house. voters in more than a dozen states will head to the polls tomorrow. >> matt: it's all a part of super tuesday. it appears each party has a frontrunner. the latest cnn poll shows donald trump ahead of any other republican candidate by more than 30%, too. trump draws 49% support to florida senator marco rubio's 16%. on the democratic side, the polls show hillary clinton leading vermont senator bernie
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>> lisa: but while clinton appears to have the lead nationwide, one democratic florida lawmaker is endorsing bernie sanders. congressman alan grayson announced his support for sanders today. he says he agrees with sanders on a lot of issues, including raising the minimum wage and limiting corporate donations. florida's primary is just a couple of weeks away now, on march 15th. and news 6 has you covered for everything you need to know about super tuesday, including a list of all the participating states, on our website. just head to, powered by news 6. news 6 is giving you and your family a chance to get up close and personal with tons of legos. >> matt: we're giving away four tickets to legoland. if you want to win, head to 6. you'll find the contest right there. you have until wednesday night to give you and your family a chance to win. it's a theme park just made for the little kids. >> lisa: my neighbors went there this weekend. the weather was perfect and they thanked you for that.
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he doesn't want to take the credit or the blame. >> lisa: you came over to my house for a backyard barbecue. >> matt: henry's birthday party. >> lisa: this was the weekend to have it outside. >> tom: it was perfect. >> lisa: thank you. >> tom: your husband is quite the griller. >> lisa: he tries. >> matt: what's he making for tonight? >> tom: for real. look at the radar. we cleaned it up nicely. we've bike week coming on. this is weekend no. 1 of bike week and all next week, a big celebration is going on. daytona beach is great right now. 72 degrees here at news time, winds from the east at 7 miles per hour. downtown even better with the birds flying by. 75 in orlando. 71 in melbourne and leesburg
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and 72 at the cape and 72 at daytona beach and wind speeds only 3 miles per hour in orlando. most of us are going calm. when we do, the temperature drops off tonight with the calm breezes or absolutely no breeze. we're going to get cool enough to have patchy fog. we'll keep an eye on that as we go. later tonight at 11:00, check back in. i'll have visibilities for you. it might be areas starting to set up with late night patchy fog then. visible satellite is saying goodbye as the sun is setting low. what's going to happen to us is this. we're dealing with a little bit of cloud cover now. we'll have patchy fog tomorrow. as the day wears on tomorrow, everything goes our way. a touch of cloud cover along the coast like an east coast sea breeze trying to bang in here.
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the daytime high tomorrow, going back to 80. then tomorrow night, we're good. wednesday, here comes the cold front, stretching from gainesville to the gulf coast by 7 a.m. by noon it's here and by 5:00, it's gone. it comes through with very little fanfare. no big hurrah. here are the temperatures tonight. it's cool enough to end up with a patchy fog to the north of orlando. the forecast in the city beautiful, 58 is the low. a light breeze from the east at 5 miles per hour. patchy fog late. here's tomorrow. >> tom: the daytime high tomorrow is 80. about four degrees above normal. we turn around and do it again on wednesday, too. 80 before the cold front gets here. a chance for a shower wednesday into thursday. thursday the high is only 75 degrees.
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suddenly, which we're splitting hairs there. this is a good run. >> matt: good stuff, for sure. thank you, tom. appreciate it. can state lawmakers get a budget done and avoid another special session? >> lisa: next at 5:00, the progress they made and what's still left to be ironed out. but first, is the fourth time a charm for spacex? when checked launch again after last night's scrub. >> matt: and scammers have stolen millions. we'll bring you updates to our "schemes and rip-offs"
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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>> all of a sudden there was a pop and i could hear the glass cracking. >> lisa: yikes. tonight at 11:00, a warning for consumers, ovens that can explode sending shattered glass around the kitchen. how to keep it from happening to you. we'll have all of that for you, coming up tonight at 11:00. >> matt: good way to ruin dinner, too. >> lisa: no kidding.
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try for a 4th time. >> matt: the attempted lift-off was scrubbed with one 2nd second to go. the delay to clear the boat was long enough for the liquid oxygen fuel to warm up, which is not good. that forced scientists to pull the plug on the launch at the very last second. so far, spacex has not confirmed when it will try again to send the falcon9 rocket into space. we'll keep you updated here on news 6 and on, powered by news 6 when it gets off the ground. >> lisa: i would love to know who was on that boat. really? >> matt: getting close to the barge, it's not a place you want to be. >> lisa: lawmakers worked into the weekend and through today to work out a billion-dollar divide between the house and senate. they reached a deal on education spending.
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student is going up 1% to just over $7100. lawmakers agreed to $400 million in tax cuts. that is a lot less than the billion dollars governor rick scott wanted. talks over certain issues including transportation and healthcare are still ongoing. if you missed your chance to win big money this weekend, you have another chance to become a millionaire. >> matt: the jackpot is growing again. no one won saturday night's $266 million jackpot. saturday night's will be $292 million. >> lisa: that will be wednesday night. >> matt: you're right. >> lisa: they're planning on winning. >> matt: you don't want to have to work until saturday. you'll see wednesday's drawing only on news 6 at 10:59 right
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>> lisa: ginger and i are in a pool together. >> ginger: and i'm not sharing. so there you have it. >> matt: good to know. ginger gadsden is joining us now with what's coming up at 5:30. >> ginger: what growing leaders are doing to fix the growing heroin problem happening in central florida. and breaking news in volusia county. sky 6 is live over a brushfire in the oak hill area. we'll have the latest on this, next.
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